Teaching Transformations Podcast Episode 0: The Podcast Trailer

The Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the podcast trailer for Teaching Transformations!

The Teaching Transformations Podcast. Join Tim Desmond Ryan Wooley as they help teachers in their late forties or fifties to design a post-academic life.

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Welcome to the teaching transformations podcast. I’m Tim Desmond along here with my friend, Mr… Wait. That’s not Rob Lowe. That’s Ryan Wooley. What’s up, Ryan?


Hey, Tim, how’s it going?


Good man. Let’s tell people what this is about. We are educators, one former one current. And we’re looking ahead to that retirement horizon as we approach our 50s, some of us earlier than others. So now, what are the kinds of things you’re thinking about as you’re looking at retirement on the horizon?


One thing I’m looking forward to is just having time again, you know, that I have any control over. I’m pretty excited about that.


Yeah, we’re gonna get into a lot of topics that are top of mind for folks like us, especially people in their 40s and 50s, who are starting to get back some time maybe becoming empty nesters, maybe looking at a second or third act as career wise, and especially those golden years, as our parents used to call them, and not so much how to get there.

But what are you going to do once you’re there, and that’s going to be the basis for this podcast, we’re really excited to bring it to everyone and you can count on getting a new episode every week.

If you’re following your favorite podcast catcher or app, then we’ll always be there. And so we’re looking forward to it. So that’s it for us. That’s it for our little episode, zero introduction. And like I said, make sure you hit us up with a follow on your favorite podcast app, and we’ll see you in episode number one.


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